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Since 1970 Polydioma is the leading agency for all your technical translations. We work for leading companies in the industrial sector and supply translations of texts such as:

  • brochures
  • safety regulations
  • installation instructions
  • patent applications
  • manuals
  • delivery terms and conditions
  • construction drawings
  • product specifications

Our clients are based around the world, including in emerging economies such as China, India, Russia and Brazil. Our language experts therefore not only translate into English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, but also into every language in which your company does business.

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Food processing industry

Our translation bureau has a very extensive terminology bank about food processing machines, in more than 15 languages. A large number of Polydioma’s assignments come from the food processing industry. Our clients who design and build advanced systems for processing poultry, meat and fish, potatoes, flour products, vegetables and fruit are satisfied clients. Manufacturers and machine developers for the dairy, juice and beverage industries are also part of our clientèle.

Besides knowing the language, knowledge of the food industry is crucial for the correct translation of technical texts. At Polydioma we have this knowledge.

Energy Production and Power Stations

Technical translation bureau Polydioma often receives assignments to translate manuals for machines and apparatus for the production of energy. Such texts need to be translated very precisely. In this industry errors can have catastrophic consequences. Polydioma works with translators who have a technical background and who have very specific specialist knowledge.

Combustion systems, measuring gasses, thermal de-gassers, de-aeration technology, heat transfer, process control … none of these terms are strangers to us.

Technical translators for filling systems

Translation for filling systems and sterilization technologies in the food processing industry.

The technical translators at Polydioma translation agency work, among other things, for companies that design, produce and supply processing equipment, filling systems and sterilisation technologies to food and drink producers all over the world. The objective of these companies is to extend the shelf life of packaged products such as yoghurt, desserts, fruit juices, soups and sauces.



Polydioma delivers quality at reasonable prices. We use a fixed price per word. The amount of words in the source text are multiplied by the word tariff. In this manner we offer maximum transparency.

At Polydioma, we calculate the price of a translation based on five factors:

  • The complexity of the source text: is it for instance a technical or economic text, an advertising brochure, an annual report, the text of a PowerPoint presentation, a speech, a database?
  • Can we process the text with a CAT-tool?
  • The language combination: Dutch-English, French-English, Spanish-German, etc.
  • The deadlines: Is it an urgent job or for example weekend work?
  • Special customer requirements, such as a certified translation, special formatting, figures, transparencies, layout in InDesign, etc.

From us you will receive consistent, well-written translations of the highest quality. In addition, we can also translate InDesign files using CAT-tools, allowing us to return your documentation while retaining the original structure and format.

Algemeen directeur van Polydioma, Marie-Patricia Mélac

Managing director of Polydioma, Marie-Patricia Mélac: ”Polydioma provides many technical translations for numerous companies.  The professionalism of our technical translators is highly appreciated.”

Personal attention
Your assignment deserves our best attention. We will respond immediately to all your questions and are open to consultation.


Our translators are not only experts in their own language but also specialise in certain specialist areas. Technology in general, or for example in electrical engineering, automotive, refrigeration and engineering. But also in biotechnology, the food industry, packaging industry, or chemical processes.

They are familiar with the concepts and details applicable to these sectors. For the translation of a manual for medical equipment places different demands on the translator to a text about gardening. Polydioma ensures that its technical translators are always up to date with the latest developments in their field.


We translate legal documents into and from all European languages but also provide translations in the less common languages. Polydioma has an extensive network of specialist translators. We work exclusively with native speaking legal translators, who have years of translation experience in the legal field. They are true professional specialists.

Polydioma has many years of experience in translating technical and legal documents and would like to be of service to you.
For more information call us on +31 (0)20 645 31 20.
E-mail is possible too: info@polydioma.nl

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