Translation agency Polydioma


Prinsenhof 4
1171 LG Badhoevedorp

Tel.: +31 (0) 20 647 00 09
Mobile.: +31 (0) 6 55 17 12 27

Are you a freelancer looking for translation work?

Our translation agency collaborates with prominent enterprises within the industrial sector, providing translation services for a range of documents including brochures, safety regulations, installation instructions, patent applications, manuals, delivery terms and conditions, construction drawings, and product specifications.

Polydioma often works with external translators on a freelance basis. If you are a professional translator interested in freelance work and believe you meet the high standards we set for our external translators, please contact us. We are actively seeking translators proficient in English-Danish, English-Swedish, and English-Norwegian languages.

Please send your resumé to together with an extensive CV and a letter of application. Please do not forget to mention the following details:

  • Mother tongue
  • Education
  • Number of years’ experience
  • Specification of skills
  • Specialist fields(s)
  • Translation programs you have experience with
  • References

We will ask you to do a test translation. If this translation meets our criteria we will contact you to discuss fees and availability.