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A translation is only good when it is no longer a ‘translation’.

This argument accurately portrays Polydioma’s vision. Because ensuring effective communication in a foreign language demands not only a correct translation, but also a proper understanding of the nature and culture of the country in question.

Each language has its own idiosyncrasies, and it is essential to know this in order to be properly understood. “A bird in the hand is worth ten in the air”, as they say in Dutch; while the English say: “two in the bush” (“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”); a Dutch “duizendpoot” is a “hundred-foot” in English (“centipede”).

For Polydioma, cultural backgrounds are an important part of translation work. That is why we work with translators who translate into their mother tongue and are familiar with the practices and customs of their country. This is the only way for the translated text to sit comfortably with the reader’s expectations.

Whether you need to translate a text for a simple label, a detailed manual or an extremely large project, Polydioma is the obvious choice.

Of course translation is a profession. There are university courses you can enrol for. But in addition to having a perfect command of your own and the foreign language, you also need experience and you need to specialise in a certain field.