Translation in InDesign with CAT-software

Nowadays a large number of translations are done with CAT software or CAT tools, translation tools or translation support programmes. 

Did you know that Polydioma can translate InDesign file using CAT software? So you do not need to convert your document to a Word file first. We will return your technical documentation translated while retaining its original structure and layout. 

The benefits of InDesign with CAT software

  • There is less work for you. You supply the complete source files, we do the rest. 
  • Better quality. Native speakers translate the files and check the final text, so the chance of errors is greatly reduced. 
  • We can continue to use the client’s translation memory, so the InDesign translation is cheaper and has more consistent terminology. 

Linking InDesign files to CAT software

  • You supply the complete InDesign leaflet to Polydioma and we check that everything is complete. For example, are all links and fonts included? 
  • Polydioma creates an idml-export file and a pdf-file for the translator, to be used as reference material. 
  • We link the InDesign idml file to the CAT software for the translation. 
  • After correcting the translated idml-file, we check again to ensure everything is complete. For example, are all words properly hyphenated at the end of a line? Is all text clearly visible and not accidentally hidden behind an image or outside an existing frame? 
  • Our DTP engineer makes any changes and we do not deliver the translated InDesign files back to the customer until everything is in order. 

Translation of InDesign files with CAT software for the food processing industry

Our translation agency is a pioneer in the field of technical translations for the food processing industry. 

Sometimes the layout of these technical translations is complex.  Manufacturers of advanced machines and systems for the food industry are increasingly discovering the benefits of InDesign compared to, for example, Microsoft Word: the text of a manual is placed in separate text boxes that are formatted separately from each other. 

Translation of InDesign files with CAT software for instruction manuals

The French company Marque Jaune is a compiler and publisher of instruction and study books for safety in the workplace. A lot of visual material is used In the books to highlight things. A translation in InDesign using CAT software is necessary in this case. The texts in the images are translated into several languages, while retaining the typographic layout.